Join us for yoga bingo during the month of April!

1)      Get a bingo card in the studio

2)      Each day complete a square on the card

3)      Let Christina know when you’ve completed an activity
to get a sticker for the square.

When you complete a line or column you will be entered
 into a drawing to win a prize



Completed bingo cards will be put into the 4 categories below.

Fill the Entire Card- Win 1 month of Unlimited Yoga! (one winner)

T or X- Win a DoTERRA Intro Kit (Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint) (2 winners will be drawn)

Line- Win a t-shirt from our boutique. (3 winners will be drawn)

4 corners- Win an Eye pillow AND essential oil sample trio.  (3 winners will be drawn)



1)      Get a yoga Bingo card from the front desk, write your full name on the card and place it on the bingo wall.

2)      Each visit can only be counted toward one square.

3)      Get bingo stickers from the desk to mark your squares when complete.

4)      For posts, please tag Yoga 4 Studio as the location or #yoga4studio

5)      All bingo cards must be completed by Aptil 30th

6)      All prizes are non-transferable and of no monetary value.

7)      One prize per person

8)      Must be able to provide proof of all squares completed (receipts, photos, FB posts)

9)      Yoga 4 Instructors and their families are not eligible for prizes

10)     Any cheating will immediately disqualify your bingo card. And then there is always #karma.

11)      Have fun!