• Do I need to bring a mat or props?
    • e have mats, blocks, bolsters, and blankets that you can use. 
  • 've never practiced yoga. Can I do this?
    • es! You can do yoga! You do not need to be super flexible to do yoga. Anyone can practice yoga. It can strengthen and energize. See our info for new students here
  • hat are the benefits to practicing yoga?
    • oga has many physical benefits. It can increase  your flexibility and strength. It can improve your breathing and energy. It can improve posture and circulatory health. Yoga can have a huge benefit to mental health. It can help you relax to handle stress better, increase your self-confidence, and make you happier and well balanced. Yoga teaches you to be present while practicing the poses but also in every aspect of your day. 


  • Please arrive at class 10 minutes early.
  • Sign in at the front desk prior to setting up your mat in the studio.
  • Please turn off your phone when you arrive.
  • No late entries 10 minutes after class begins.
  • If you need to leave early please inform the instructor and setup at the back of the class.
  • ear comfortable clothing.
  • Please no strong perfumes, scented oils, or lotions prior to entering the studio. Some students have sensitivities or allergies.
  • Bring water to drin.
  • Please leave the studio floor clear. Put your personal belongings in the cubby. We are not responsible for lost items.
  • Enjoy your time with us!